Mekatelyu, I Built a Thing


The last time I blogged on here was March.

That’s just embarrassing.

Looking back it all makes sense but at the time it was a lot of ‘I’ll do it once I’m done with this one thing.” and then I’d have a new one thing and the cycle would start all over again. The things are a bunch of courses on data science, drones and web development (because why not). There was also lots of travel and then to top it off my ideas for this project changed with every new experience.

But in the meantime, I built a thing with the new skills. I scraped various websites, cleaned up the data, setup the database, and built a random book generator.

It’s nothing special really. Basically, when you press the orange ‘Travel’ button at the top you get a book from a different country.

I’m thinking the next feature should include Amazon links for easy purchasing. Ideally proceeds would go to a special cause but I have to figure out the logistics behind that.

But first, it’s essentially Black History Month in Costa Rica. Well technically, August 31st is “Dia del Negro” (The Day of the Negro) but somehow the last day of August has turned into a month has turned into events starting in July. Some things I hope to cover this month:

  • Mekatelyu or Limon Creole/Patois. The name is a transliteration of the phrase “make I tell you”, or in standard English “let me tell you”. Though sometimes referred to as Limon Creole English, I recently learned that it’s not always comprised of only English words.
  • The first wave of Black arrivals in the form of slavery.
  • The second wave of Black arrivals through the United Fruit Company.
  • Recent efforts by the government to show appreciation for the community’s contribution.
  • And if I’m lucky — what celebration day looks like (a few images from 2017 below courtesy of TicoTimes).
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