Special Edition: Puerto Rico

I’m a little behind this week because it’s been incredibly emotional. Truth be told when you’re any shade of brown you think you get used to the injustices. You joke about it, expect it even. In reality, you just stockpile them up for that moment where you just can’t take it anymore.


  • In 2007 my family married into Puerto Rico.  With this marriage came 3 dope curly haired human beings, contagious laughter, arroz con gandules worthy of missing a flight, and those sweet sweet piononos.
  • I’ve been working in the international aid/humanitarian sector for most of my adult life. The wear and tear on the soul is palpable at least once a year. I’ve seen this way too often.
  • My personal tolerance for selfishness, cruelty and immaturity has been plummeting since November 6.

This was a recipe for disaster.

I’ll leave the politics out of this because I just can’t go there so I’ll leave it at…

Puerto Rico y el resto del Caribe, 

We love you. El resto de la raza de mil colores te quiere. Fuerza chicos y aqui estamos.



How to help:

Global Giving is a personal favorite. They are essentially a large fund that will give out support to smaller organizations on the ground that they’ve already thoroughly pre-vetted. If you’d like more options consider this list by Charity Navigator.

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