Prep: South Africa

For this trip I’ve decided to start small since between packing up my apartment in Brooklyn and all the other things I want to do I’ll be happy to get to the airport with all my luggage.

Let’s start shall we…

The Soundtrack:

Nathi, is a South African singer-songwriter and artist rose who to fame with this song titled “Nomvula”. According to Nathi:

“I think everyone has a Nomvula. It’s the girl who is meant for you or the guy that’s meant for you. You can have around six girls, but there’s that one who will be meant for you. What I was trying to say with the song is that out of all the things I have been through, I want Nomvula.”


The Read:

After some research (and frankly the NYPL ebook app made it easy to get a hold of) I’ve decided to read: Jump and Other Stories by Nadine Gordimer, a South African writer, political activist and recipient of the 1991 Nobel Prize in Literature.

Excerpt: “In sixteen new stories ranging from the dynamics of family life to the worldwide confusion of human values, Nadine Gordimer gives us access to many lives in places as far apart as suburban London, Mozambique, a mythical island, and South Africa. In “Some Are Born to Sweet Delight, " a girl’s innocent love for an enigmatic foreign lodger in her parents’ home leads her to involve others in a tragedy of international terrorism. “The Moment Before the Gun Went Off” reveals the strange mystery behind an accident in which a white farmer has killed a black boy. “Once Upon a Time” is a horrifying fairy tale about a child raised in a society founded on fear.” via Amazon

The Nomz:

This isn’t my first time in South Africa and I regularly go to Madiba in Brooklyn for a plate of Hake and Chips so I’m cheating a bit. However, follow this link to make your own. It’s hands down my favorite version of fish and chips.

Please leave some recommendations in the comments!

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